Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact, an amazing world of anime adventures, is welcoming you! Here you will have a chance to appear in the impressive story and outlive a stunning plot. The idea of the game is centered around the narration – you are looking for your twin sibling. In a team of four characters you can control, the journey will be amazing, since all of them are different and possess various skills. The main trait of each hero – he/she controls the power of nature, be it wind, earth, fire, or water. Surely, you have seen such an idea before – there are so many games where characters deal with natural elements and use them to attack enemies. However, in Genshin Impact, you will find and enjoy a brand new implementation of this idea. Let’s talk about it in more detail.
When you gather a team of characters, try to choose those who have different peculiarities and skills. They can be combined and used together to improve your attacks and defeat the enemies more efficiently. For example, one of your heroes can attack with water and the second one can use frost to freeze the wet enemy – this will paralyze him. The same goes with all the other elements: wind is perfectly combined with fire, earth works great with water, water also transfers electricity. The more diverse team you gather, the more various options and combinations become possible. Think on your attacks and find the best ways to cope with your enemies using united spells. The more inventive you are, the more harm you can do to your opponents.
While the game has a central plot, there are numerous small side-tasks for you to discover. In most role-playing games with the open world, side tasks are boring. However, in Genshin Impact, they are engaging and diverse. We bet that you will have fun solving them and moving forward. By the way, even though the world of the game is open, you will still have to follow some particular paths to pass it. The idea is that you can vary your actions, but to find out the plot and develop it, you still have to get to certain areas and do concrete things, so the freedom of actions is questionable. While you can choose which tasks to do and what paths to follow, you will still have to act the way the game suggests. Have fun playing Genshin Impact on our website – we have uploaded this great anime RPG right to this page and you can enjoy it absolutely free of charge. The online access is unlimited – launch the game now and immerse yourself into the bright anime world.

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