Genshin Impact Steam

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Are you fond of really beautiful and well-thought RPGs? And how about amazing anime-styled visuals, fantastic plot, and cool development system? Well, we have all of that present in a great game uploaded to this page. Originally found on Steam, this version of Genshin Impact is full and unblocked. Also, it is absolutely free to play online! The game is here for you, so don’t hesitate and launch it right now, whether you play on a computer or a mobile device. Have fun!
What is waiting for you in the rich world of Genshin Impact? First of all, we bet that you will be absolutely delighted by a nice pack of adorable characters. They have different classes – some are knights with mighty swords, the others are pilots who can control the planes, still others are singers, bards, and magicians. Each of the characters has his/her own personality – they are cute, tough, hard-working, aspiring, and funny. They wear original outfits and have their own spells and fighting styles to use. When they meet enemies, they can apply their skills to defeat them and improve their levels. The game allows you to have four heroes under your control. However, they won’t be playable all at the same time. Only one hero can be active at a time, but all the others are still here, you can switch among them whenever you want to. The idea is that their skills and spells can be combined in the process of the game.
The main campaign is based on the rescue mission – you have to investigate numerous lands and defeat bosses to move further in the plot. When you kill bosses and open chests with items, you Adventure Level grows. While the game world is open, you need to do things that progress your level and allow you to move further in the story. When you reach a particular level, the multiplayer regime opens, which allows you to play with other gamers online. Once you start playing as a team, get ready that one of you will host all the others and they will enter the single world related to one of the participants of the game. The amount of playable characters becomes limited in a cooperative mode and you will have a chance to control two of them as a host and only one as a visitor. Enter the full Steam version of the game right here and enjoy the playing process! Develop your character and discover new lands!

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