Genshin Impact Multiplayer

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Maybe, the brightest and most diverse RPG of the last decade, Genshin Impact, is a great story to discover. You are welcome to play this game right on this website – we have a free online version for you. What is more, in this cool game there is a mode for numerous players, which means that you can have fun in a company of your friends. However, to reach the mode, you will have to pass a pretty large part of the game. The multiplayer option where you can play collectively opens after you complete a certain amount of missions and reach the particular level of adventure – this is how to the development system is called in Genshin Impact.
The restrictions are applied to what you do and characters you choose to play for. How to start playing the unlocked multiplayer? Well, it is easy. You need to reach particular character levels in your game and to do so, there is a need to deal with daily quests, investigations of the dungeons, and various expeditions to dangerous places, like woods and mountains. You will meet enemies and other characters, get side tasks, and this way – improve your level, becoming more advanced. You need to have an Adventure Rank of 16 to get the multiplayer. This process is not very fast and it will take hours to reach the right level. Quests related to the story as well as additional ones, opened chests, solved puzzles, and defeated bosses will help you improve your character and get to the brand new level. Whatever you do in the game, will improve your current state and boost your characters’ levels.
When your level grows high enough, you automatically achieve an opportunity to unlock the cooperative regime and enjoy the game in a company of other players. Pair with other players and create entire teams of investigators, fighters, and saviors. When the multiplayer is open, you are welcome to accept other players to your game as well as to enter theirs. One of you will become a host and all the rest of participants will join your world. After they do, you are welcome to run around the map together and do all the activities available in Genshin Impact world as a team. The main restriction and difference between solo and coop regimes is the lesser amount of heroes you can control. While in the one-player mode you can play with four heroes, in the multiplayer you will control only two of them if you are a host. In case you are a visitor, you can play for only one character. Combos are still available and will enjoy them as much as you want.

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