Genshin Impact Codes

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One of the freshest and most exciting anime-styled RPGs is already available on our website! And to make your playing experience truly unforgettable and great, we have prepared codes for you! This is an amazing free game and codes are also published here for your free usage. With these codes, you will receive unique rewards and enjoy another way of playing – more advanced and impressive. These are the promo codes from the official website of the game and hurry up – they are limited in time, so you should use them as fast as possible to have a chance to enjoy the best playing experience ever.
The game will place you in the open world of magic, fantasy, and knights. The characters are interesting and unique – each has his/her own set of skills. Mostly, they control different powers of nature, like water, fire, wind, and earth. The game has the main plot and you should progress to deal with the tasks and increase your Adventure Level. When the level grows, you get access to new content, open up new skills, items, and even the multiplayer regime, which allows you to play cooperatively with your buddies. To activate the codes provided below, you should have an Adventure Level of 10. When you have it, enter your game account and open the codes section. Then select the right server where your account belongs and enter the name of your hero. Then provide the code and enjoy the rewards that will appear in the game immediately! Here are the valid codes to use:
GENSHIN0928E – Grants 60x Primogems and 10,000 Mora.
GENSHIN1006U – Grants 60x Primogems and 5x Adventur XP

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