Genshin Impact Characters

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The striking start of Genshin Impact attracted millions of players from the very first day of the launch. One of the best features of the game definitely is a huge list of playable characters, unique and bright. In general, you will find twenty-three of them and each can boast of being a real individuality. They possess different skills, character traits, and appearance, of course. The characters have their own skills and abilities that can be combined during attacks and as such – make them stronger and more efficient. Let’s discuss the central characters of the game a bit.
Jean is a knight-girl and the guardian of order in the city. She might be not the strongest and the best warrior in the world, but this young lady is persistent, smart, and hard-working. Also, she has flawless ethical ideals and her strong sides make Jean a worthy knight for sure. The next character is Amber. She is cute, naïve, and smiling young girl. She is the flying champion and the best pilot in the entire city. She has gained three main rewards on the city tournaments and can boast of having professional planer skills. She is always ready for the challenges and really hard tasks. Lisa is a witch and an intellectual. She is extremely clever and calm lady, who works in a city library. Lisa always has a lot of work to do: she works hard in the library and bring calm and order wherever she is. She really likes to have rest and sleep, but this is something she can never do – her duties are overwhelming and follow her day and night. The next character is Keiya, he is a knight and Jean’s helper. Keiya is handsome and witty, so everybody loves him a lot. However, this charming guy is mysterious and has secrets.
The next popular character of Genshin impact is Barbara, she is a singer and dancer beloved by all the citizens. While most of the citizens are used to street musicians and bards, this girl still makes them absolutely crazy, since she is a real star. The next interesting character of the game is called Razor, a boy raised by a pack of wolves. Even though he lives in a society and wears human clothes, Razor relies on his animal instincts and prefers to fight with claws and lightening. He also hunts with wolves till these days. Clea is a knight as well, but she is a really explosive small girl! She likes blowing things up, but only until Jinn comes… There are more characters to explore, so open the game to see them all!

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