Genshin Impact 2020

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The year of 2020 can be called the year of RPGs. So many amazing games were already launched! And the best thing – all of us have a lot of free time to enjoy them due to the latest events connected with pandemics. Well, nothing really good in pandemics, except the opportunity to play the games that have been in your must-play list for a pretty long time. For example, the newest version of Genshin Impact, launched this year. Are you ready to throw yourself into the sea of amazing tasks, bright worlds, and cool characters with incredible magical skills and mastery of sword and magic? We are happy to present amazing anime fantasy game then. It is free, it is online, and absolutely full and unblocked – have fun.
The well-known RPG Genshin Impact is known for being a great plot-based title that is more than just a story campaign. In addition to amusing plot that allows you to make your characters better and stronger in the process as well as to open up new levels of adventure. In addition to the well-thought system of passing the campaign, the game also offers a nice collection of cool mini-games and side tasks. They are available on every spot you may visit. The great thing about Genshin Impact is that there are impressive and interesting tasks all over the map and some of them are secret and hidden. You are welcome to find them all and enjoy the fullest playing experience ever.
The version of this year has some upgrades and they are connected with characters, their skills, and other details of the game. Not only you will have a chance to meet more playable heroes, but also some of the bots that are walking around the locations and will eagerly talk to you. An unusual thing about this Chinese game is that not every bot will talk to you in order to give you a task or ask for some favor. Some of them are just here, for no reason, and they will eagerly share the stories of their lives with you. So don’t be shy to activate dialogues and talk to them whenever you feel so. This will make the playing process richer and livelier!

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