Genshin Impact 2

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Welcome to the second chapter of an amazing Genshin Impact story, the game for your mobile device, computer, and console. The first part was a real hit, but the second won’t disappoint you as well. The game allows you to discover a huge open world, where you can enjoy freedom of action and movement. Also, the second part includes the element of character collection and you will be happy to know that the number of new available characters is striking. The game Genshin Impact includes numerous functions and secrets that are not obvious, especially for the beginners. They are easy to miss! So keep your eyes open and be attentive, we will describe some secrets to help you become a real champion of Genshin world.
First of all, there is a common mistake of all newcomers – they are excited by the huge open world and cannot stop investigating it, travelling around endlessly. However, you shouldn’t forget that there is a story behind the game and you must focus on it. While the investigation is funny, story is something you need to follow in case you want to complete the main mission. The amazing plus of the second part of the game is a great amount of hidden objects, interesting puzzles, mini-games, and even bosses. You can fly over the mountains, climb on the hills, and discover new and new opportunities every second. Doing so, you will definitely forget about the time as well as the main plot. Remember that Genshin is a plot-based game and should pass the story first of all. You need to focus on the story because it allows you to complete certain missions and upgrade your level. This way, you will open a cooperative regime and other features. This way, if you are fond of investigations and research, make sure to combine the storyline you follow and the searching you take part in. Both will benefit you, but don’t forget that the game is a full-fledged campaign to deal with.
The second part is even more engaging that it ever was, since you will find new actions and development opportunities here. They are so diverse and bright that your head will go dizzy. The game is really diverse, so you will never get bored – both the main line and the mini games are impressive and will make you entertained for hours. More locations to visit, more characters to play for, amazing weapons and attacks to try out, and cool discoveries to make. Call your buddies and enjoy the game all together – cooperative regime is also available!

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