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The game Genshin Impact is really taking the world by storm – it is a real hit of the RPG genre that can boast of being one of the best representatives of the genre. Here you will have a chance to discover a huge fantasy world of sword, magic, and… anime. The game can be played for free right here, on this website, and you are welcome to enjoy it right now. If you are looking for an opportunity to play this game with your friend, then you need to know some peculiarities and special moments. The game has a multiplayer option to enjoy, but there are some rules and conditions you have to meet before you can start.
The game really has a multiplayer regime, but you won’t have an access to it until you raise your Adventure Rank to the sixteenth level. To do so, you will definitely have to spend 10+ hours creating the world of the game as a whole and improving your hero in particular. When you finally reach the desired rank, the multiplayer version can be enabled with one click. If you choose to play in pair with your friend, then one of you will have to be a guest in the world of another one. The game will take place in one of your universes, whether yours or your partner’s. After you enter this mode, you are welcome to run around the map together, deal with enemies as a team, and complete missions.

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