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Console games are great, but there is one minus they definitely have. If you actually don’t own a console, you just cannot enjoy them. What a pity, you might think. These games are usually so great and bright. However, you don’t have to be frustrated about this anymore. Even if you are not a happy owner of Xbox or something like that, you can still enjoy amazing titles for consoles. For example, we have prepared a PC version of amazing anime game called Genshin Impact for you. The game is available for laptops and computers, which means that you are welcome to play it right now. No restrictions – enjoy the high-quality game content on your device and don’t worry about graphics, controls, or features – they are all included. What is more, they are no less amazing than those in the original version. Get ready for the ultimate Genshin experience!
So, the amazing and interesting plot is waiting for you in this game. You will have to follow the main storyline to progress and improve your character, open up new opportunities, and gain some more characters as well as skills and achievements. In addition to well-thought and highly-engaging story, the game also provides a vast and large open world for your investigations. The developers did their best to make the world extremely lively – wherever you go, you have a chance to meet someone, hear his/her story, get a task, solve a puzzle, and fight. The puzzles and side-missions are very diverse. From small games like hide and seek to classical tasks that assign you to kill a monster, everything is available in Genshin game. Hours of travelling, combat, gathering, and developing are waiting for you. The character team you can gather includes four different heroes and you are the one to control them all – not at the same time, but you can switch among them at any moment. Characters won’t run around when one of them is active – instead, the only one will appear on the screen to perform actions. The combinations of attacks and skills will help you implement really stunning moves, spells, and tricks, so have a strategy and learn how to mix the abilities of your heroes in the most efficient and stunning manner. Have fun and do your best to complete all missions of Genshin Impact!

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