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We bet that your female gamers are fond of beautiful and interesting games, especially those created in the anime style. Such games are incredibly attractive for the young girls – there are bright and interesting characters dressed in amazing suits here, as well as interesting missions and an opportunity to become better with every new level you master. The game Genshin Impact is perfect for girls, since here you will find numerous characters to associate yourself with. Playable female characters have different personalities and every female player can find the one that suits her best.
Jean is a tough and serious girl, who has a duty of the knight. Barbara is a playful singer beloved by all the villagers. Clea is cute and naughty, she likes dynamite and explosions. And there are more amazing Genshin girls to play for! They are bards, dancers, knights, magicians, and more! You are welcome to choose your destiny and the character who is similar to you or someone you have always dreamt to be. The game allows you to choose up to four different heroes, so you can try yourself in various roles. The side missions as well as the main story are equally engaging. They include numerous different actions, like investigations, travelling, gathering, fighting, and more. The new missions and discovered items allow you to become a better warrior – you will grow and develop with every task. The game is more than just fighting, but also investigations, travelling, and puzzle-solving, all in one. Choose your most favorite heroes, enter the world of Genshin Impact, discover the rich open world of the game, and deal with all the offered tasks like a boss! Have fun and become a better warrior with every new task you resolve.

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